Exclude in compile


I have a question that i’m sure is covered in the manual or here on the forum but I can’t find it.

I’ve written an entire novel with 200 different text pages that are all included in the compile.

Now I want to not include them anymore, in fact I want to exclude them all. And start over with a new novel but still keeping all the pages excluded in the same project.

So is there a way to do this or do I have to uncheck the box “Include in compile” on every single page?

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I’m guessing you have a top level folder marked Manuscript or similar.

Create a new folder in the binder at the same level as Manuscript and move all of your documents into that new folder so there’s nothing under Manuscript. You can then start your new novel under Manuscript with new folders and documents and/or copy back from your existing documents.

Hope this helps.


Thank you!

That was really easy. Great!

Much better than unclicking hundreds of “Include in compile”-buttons.


And just for future reference, you can do bulk changes like this most easily in the Compile window. If you click the blue arrow to expand settings, and then check the Contents pane, you’ll find this checkbox here. You can hold down the Alt key and click a checkbox to change them all.

But yes, putting aside “Rough Draft” in its own folder and starting clean with a fresh Draft/Manuscript folder is definitely going to be your best option here. :slight_smile:

Thank God for asking and answering this one. You have saved me so much time.