Exclude research from search

Is there a way to exclude the Research Folder and its contents from the search, without using labeling?

I’m trying to make a collection based on a search, but using ‘Search Included Documents’ just doesn’t work, as it finds all the Research contents. Another way to accomplish that would be selecting the top level ‘Draft’ folder in the Binder and then use ‘Search Binder Selection Only’, but then the search results can’t be saved as a collection.

This problem arises because I labeled some of the documents in the Draft top level folder and some of the documents in the Research top-level folder with the same label.


Paolo D.

P.S: Scrivener 2.0 adds so many new and advanced feature, I even didn’t imagine I would have appreciated. It’s much improved over 1.x that I used to consider almost perfect!

Click the little magnifying glass icon to the left of the search bar. You’ll get a pop-up menu where you can select the scope of the search. One of the options is “search manuscript only”, which I think will work on your Draft folder. You can then save the search result as a collection.

Screen shot 2010-11-02 at 12.43.38.png


Thanks a lot. I didn’t see it!

Paolo D

Is there a way to do the opposite? To do a search (and maybe save it) on JUST THE RESEARCH FOLDER?

I keep my notes on references and findings in the Research folder, and when I need to search a topic, I don’t really want or need to look in my Drafts folder, I need to look in my Research folder.

Other than manually selecting the Research folder (and all its individual dependent folders and files, because the search function is “explicit not implicit,” as the manual says), and then doing a search (which I can’t save because the folders have been selected in the binder), is there a better way? Does this function exist?

Thanks, Rich

The method you described in the last paragraph is how to do this. A hint to speed this up though is to select the Research folder, switch to outliner mode, use Cmd-9 in that view to expand everything, then Cmd-A to select them all. That way you can leave the binder alone in terms of what is visible.

thank you!