Excluded items compile anyway

Hi. Two questions.

  1. I have been having trouble compiling for a particular project. It keeps on including unchecked items in my final draft document. I haven’t had this problem before with other projects; for some reason whenever I am working within this particular project the problem occurs. Did I set it up wrong? How can i FIX IT?
    (I’ve figured out a few workarounds, but they’re not really satisfactory solutions)

  2. Not to do with scrivener as such, but with this help/user forum platform. I can’t find anywhere where I can write in a New Topic. The only way I could post this was into an existing topic. There must be a way but my brain is too small to figure out (or perhaps this program is unnecessarily complicated)

Anyone’s help with these issues would be much appreciated.



Hi, Duncan S, and welcome to the forum!

Under the Contents pane of the Compile settings there’s a combo box named Compile with three options: Included, Excluded, All. Maybe you inadvertently selected other than Included?

You can create a new topic on any forum. Just select the forum you’re interested in and look for the New Topic button (see picture below).

Hope this helps!

New topic.PNG

Hi, and thank you so much. You definitely resolved my first issue about compiling.
I still can’t find how to post a new topic. The area where you said I should find a ‘NEW TOPIC’ button always says ‘POST REPLY’.

Maybe I don’t understand what a forum is? I have to say, Scrivener is much easier to understand than navigating my way around these user forums. It’s not very intuitive, I’m afraid.
If you can explain what I’m missing in my understanding here I would be very grateful.

Thank you in advance


This is because you’re at the topic level, not the forum level, so the interface only allows you to post on the topic at hand.

Just click on the subforum you want (for instance Technical Support (Mac)) and you’ll see the New Topic button. See below:

New topic.PNG

Moderator Note: split to new topic.

Or … You can wait for a moderator to kindly split the topic for you :laughing: