Excluding files from Dropbox sync?

I’ve been enjoying working between my laptop and my iphone. But I’m already feeling worried about using up my Dropbox space. (I’d rather constrain my activity there than pay them money for more space.)

Recently I added a couple character images to my Scrivener project. Now I’m wondering if there is a way to a) keep those files in the .scriv project, and b) exclude those files from syncing to Dropbox.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

I only have the Mac version, so I don’t know if the Windows version supports this, but if it does, maybe you can work with Aliases and Alias-files?

Sorry, I just saw the Windows version doesn’t include this function as of yet.

Check if the Windows version can use Scrivener links to files outside the project. Those links are then updated and replaced by the files (images) they link to during compile.

No. Anything inside the .scriv folder will be synchronized with Dropbox. This is actually a Dropbox limitation, not a Scrivener limitation. Dropbox can be told to include/exclude files at the folder level, but all of the documents in your project are contained in the same Files/Docs subfolder. So you can’t exclude just one, and excluding all would cause your project to be unusable.