Excluding files from Project Target counts

I have a bunch of “source” documents (custom status) nested inside my primary draft folder. I have them excluded from the compile settings I use to prepare drafts for review on my Kindle. But this doesn’t appear to prevent them from being included in the Project Targets, specifically the total number of words already written. The word counts from these source documents are included in the Project Targets.

I would like to be able to exclude these documents completely from the Project Targets without moving them. Nesting these source files helps me track which scenes I can draw copy from when writing the new draft. Having them be separate files helps me track the legacy track and prevent accidentally reusing copy or misplacing these files with all their snapshots, which sometimes have useful copy buried in earlier drafts.

I hope that makes sense.

These source files are correctly excluded from the draft and word count function when I compile and export the manuscript for review.

Do you have the second box checked at Project▸Show Project Targets?

Yes, I do! [insert gibberish here because there’s a lower end character limit for replies]

You may have encountered a known bug, in which Scrivener’s statistics calculator forgets what the “current Compile group” is. If you open the Compile command and save the current settings (with the correct Compile group), do you then get the correct total?

Sorry, I didn’t see your reply until today.

Nope. I compile on a regular (nearly daily) basis to review the entire draft on my Kindle and I have these source documented excluded. I’m using a custom Project Format, but the Default format is also customized to exclude these files. The compile function does give the correct word count (<$wc100>) in the Kindle draft.

It’s only the Project Targets that are wrong.