Excluding scene number from note

I’m writing a screenplay with a note on the first page. But whenever I compile it adds a scene number to the note, although it’s not a scene. It’s in the Front Matter folder. Any ideas how to do this?

In order to really answer that question it would be necessary to know how you are numbering your scenes.

I’m not really sure! As far as I can tell it just automatically adds scene numbers when I compile, using the option in Format > Scriptwriting.

The only thing I’m aware of that would do that is an optional setting in the Script Settings panel, under the Paragraph tab. Did you enable that?

If so, then wouldn’t the solution be to not use that element (presumably “Scene Heading”) for your note text? If you set the text to “General” is it still numbered?

As far as I can see, there are no optional settings in the Script Settings panels that would enable this. I don’t see anything, unless you have any suggestions??
And no matter what element I use - including General text - it still numbers the note as scene 1. I honestly can’t figure this out at all.

The setting for scene numbering is in the Paragraph tab, under options toward the bottom. But you refer to “general” being numbered as well, so I doubt it is that setting as that isn’t a real element with settings. Besides, as you can see, it would very difficult to accidentally turn this feature on.

So I’m afraid I still need more details on how you have things set up, particularly with regards to compile settings and potentially section types & layout assignments.

Ok, I found a workaround. There doesn’t appear to be any way to stop a Front Element being numbered as a scene. I don’t know why the default is that Front Element is numbered as a scene, as it makes no sense, but anyway - that’s the way it is. Instead, I wrote the note as a regular scene, but as you suggested, reformatted the text as General Text and that seems to have solved the problem. Thanks.

Well it’s confusing because scenes are not numbered by default either, so it’s not correct to say that the default is to number front matter. But depending upon how one goes about changing the defaults, they may do so in a way that accidentally numbers too much.

At any rate, glad you got things working the way you want in the end.

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Yes, true. The format and compile options are so complicated I can’t even figure out how I turned on scene numbers in the first place, so this will have to do for now.