Excluding the Title Page from the Compiled Word Count

Hello all…

I’d like to exclude the words of the title page from the word count that gets inserted on my title page. For instance, I have a title page of 19 words, and a story of 4990 words. I want the word count to show 4990, not 5009.

I can choose to not count the words from pages not included in the compile, and I can choose to not count the words from footnotes, or from annotations. But I can’t seem to find a setting to not include the words from the title page.

Am I missing something?

No, there’s not an option for this yet; the word count from the <$wc> tag counts all compiled text. We will down the line be adding some refinements to this so that pages such as the title page can be excluded, but for now if you need an adjusted number, you can do this in a word processor after the compile. Bear in mind too that there are a lot of different algorithms for counting “words” in a document, so different word processors are going to calculate this number differently regardless.

If you don’t need an exact count, you could also use one of the rounded options (available in the Edit > Insert menu), so e.g. rounding to the nearest 50 and getting 5000 as the count.