existing and new project error


When I try to open an existing project (my PHD thesis) I get a blank screen in Scrivener with “No Selection” stamp . It won’t even open the tutorial …just a “No Selection” stamp. I cannot create a new project, although I can move around the menus. I tried reinstalling but I got the same behaviour. Here is the console message :

15/06/2009 20:18:37 Scrivener[508] *** -[NSCFDictionary initWithObjects:forKeys:count:]: attempt to insert nil value at objects[0] (key: NSFont)

Some small wizardry is much appreciated here !!

SOLVED: Thanks to the Wiki I found out that the problem was disabling of “essential” fonts that could create problems in other programs. After enabling them, the project was there but in ‘recovered’ form with structure lost !!! I would have been in a big mess if I was not using Time Machine to recover the latest file! How should I user know that disabling 3 particular fonts could cause data loss!!! Why allow it in the first place ?? Thanks L&L for a fantastic job in putting the wiki and the forum …who would believe the ‘grand’ size of this company …recently doubled to a two person team!

What is ‘putting the Wiki’? I need it, whatever it is. And I love this Forum. Glad you got your problem solved. It doesn’t make sense though, that you wouldn’t have gotten your project back w/o Time Machine. We shouldn’t be ‘actually’ losing anything w/o a major lightning strike or computer crash, should we? Can you explain why having a back-up is the only thing that could have saved your document?

The fonts thing shouldn’t have done anything to the project itself - it only causes a display issue; I have never heard of this causing the structure to be lost. Did anything else happen, like the file crashing at some point? Or did you try to overwrite with a Time Machine older version prior to correcting the fonts at all?

limember - there is a Scrivener wiki here:


I update it with frequently asked questions from time to time to save myself from retyping them, and AmberV has kindly added her own massive and very useful FAQ; users can also add their own tips there.

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