Existing project opening improperly as new?

Okay, have done some searching, but keep coming up blank on this one.

Basically, sent a copy of my project to a friend to edit. A short time later, with said edits complete, he sends me back my project. (all done via dropbox for convenience)

Except I can’t open it. Every time I try, it instead opens up the window to create a new project, and no amount of fiddling, copying, etc, will let it work otherwise. He can still open it, and see everything fine, but no matter what I do I am utterly unable to.

Any ideas?

Also, he is using the Mac version of scrivener, and I am using the Windows…which is the only reason I can think it might not work.
In which case, if that is indeed the problem, how can I get around it?

Right file being opened?

scrivener.tenderapp.com/help/kb … patibility

As far as I can tell it is the right file. It is the only file in any of the folders with the scrivener icon attached to it.
Although even my windows version has it saved only as a .scrivx file. Just my personal copy has it labeled project.scrivx, whereas the version he edited has it named storytitle.scrivx.
Either way, that file refuses to open for me.

Usually this is because of a file conflict from the Dropbox sync. These steps may help.

Huh yeah, that was the problem. Odd…the version I bounce back and forth between my laptop and desktop has a bunch of those Conflicted files in it, and its never done this to me.
But either way, it’s working now, so yay. Thanks. :slight_smile: