Existing Scrivener for Windows User Buying a Mac

I’m a long time Windows user who’s about to get a new M1 MacBook Air and I’m wondering what the procedure for side-grading my current Scrivener for Windows license into the bundle offered on the Scrivener homepage?

Just another user here. Congrats on the new computer!

I don’t think what you’re asking can be done, but what do I know? Contact sales@literatureandlatte.com to get an official answer.



I’m confident you’ll love the M1. Love my M1 MBA. My 16” MBP is relegated to desktop only use and will be pensioned off when the rumoured 14” M1x/M2 MBP arrives later this year. The absence of fan noise and cool to touch is welcome after years of ‘leg warmers’.

Just write an email to sales and tell them. They will help you with an offer!