Exit Composition Mode after switching between laptop and desktop

Windows 10 Home version 1903 64-bit (OS build 18362.418)
i5-4440 CPU @ 3.10 GHz
8GB ram
Scrivener Version: Beta (735337) 64-bit - 06 Nov 2019

I sometimes work on my laptop, sometimes on my desktop. Dropbox keeps everything in sync.
When I open my file (in the screenshot) on my desktop maximised, enter Composition Mode, and exit Composition Mode, it is as though it has forgotten the screen resolution/size and assumes that of my last saved version (on my smaller laptop). As shown below this results in a big white margin and the inspector and binder being super narrow.

  1. restore window size (not maximised) then maximise again.
  2. as above, exit Scrivener and reopen. It now uses the correct screen dimensions and works seamlessly.

A second related issue:
Is it possible to keep a separate ini file for separate computers (maybe multiple ini files, one for each computer so that services like Dropbox don’t overwrite the alternative one)? This will ensure that UI elements are sized and positioned correctly for that device and when opening the same file on different devices, the UI elements are in the correct position?

See in the screenshot the big white space to the right and below?

FYI, this should be in the Beta Testing (Windows) forum, where all bugs in the beta are discussed. I believe there are already several threads about this very bug there.