exit full screen after sleep = freeze

I have an macbook air 11 (10.6.5), and I had full screen open and closed the lid to put the computer to sleep. When I opened the lid everything was back to normal until I exited full screen. The screen went black, and I pressed esc and after a moment the screen came back up, but I was greeted with a spinning pinwheel. I had to force close Scrivener.

I had a quick reference panel and inspector panel open, and had an image set as the background.

Was there a crash report? If so, could you please send it? If not, please look at the console (~/Applications/Utilities/Console.app) and see if there are any errors reported there at the time this happened. Unfortunately, if I can’t reproduce a problem and there is no crash report or error messages, it’s next to impossible to track.

yes, sorry I don’t know how to get a crash report, however the console showed this:
11/16/10 1:36:02 AM Scrivener[3024] NSMutableRLEArray objectAtIndex:effectiveRange:: Out of bounds
this message was repeated around 4000 times.

Thanks! That indicates something has gone wrong during typing - an exception has been thrown - the wake from sleep is most likely a red herring and the problem had occurred before you put it to sleep.

If you fire up the same document in full screen and type away in the same place, can you get the error to happen again?

Thanks and all the best,

as much as I’ve tried to make it freeze again, I can’t. When I reloaded Scrivener afterwards, it did not bookmark my where I was. It loaded the previous spot, so I’m not sure exactly where I was. :frowning:
But that does remind me, I noticed shortly before this that I was unable to click in the document notes area. It was like it was writing invisible text where the “compile as-is” is in the inspector. Also the drop down for switching between project and documents notes was missing. So maybe this was the actual bug, and not full screen. Hope this is some help. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!