Exiting Fullscreen Causes Screen to Flash White?

I’m finding myself pulled away from using fullscreen mode more and more because of this issue, and i"m hoping someone can help me.
Any time I close fullscreen, whether I use the escape key or click the exit button, Scrivener as a whole Flashes white+seems to show the application i have open in the previous tab for barely a moment, as though it’s…becoming transparent? It happens very quickly as this big flicker/flash, and then it’s back to normal scrivener mode.
I use scrivener in dark-mode, like all my other applications, and the Bright Flash every time i try to exit full-screen is really harsh on my eyes. I can’t tell if this is a bug or a setting i’m screwing up, or if it’s just the feature of fullscreen mode.

I have windows and version 3.14 and see the same thing. I admit don’t use composition mode much. Could look away briefly, but agree is annoying, I see with a dark theme as well. Has this happened with a light theme when you have tried it?

I do still get the white flash when using light mode, though it’s admittedly less noticeable since it’s reverting back to white screen, and it still flashes back to the screen behind the tab (in this case it was my desktop background).

Ah! Solution! I was tinkering with the settings and wondered if the reason it was going transparent/flashing is because it was trying to ‘reload’ the main scrivener screen and then readjust to dark theme each time i tried to close comp mode, so I went and unchecked ‘Hide main window in composition mode’ and voila, no more flashing.

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Great detective work, Pretty good for a guy who lives in a book.

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