Expand All affects both Outliner panes

Windows Scrivener I haven’t noticed this in prior versions.

Set up a fresh copy of the Tutorial project with dual Outliner panes, as below. Both Outliners must be displaying the same folder. Collapse both Outliner panes.

Place cursor in the left Outliner pane. Invoke Expand All (View > Outline > Expand All).

Both panes will be expanded. This is the bug. What should happen is the left Outliner expands while the right one remains collapsed.

I have also seen instances where expanding or collapsing only one folder (not using Expand All) results in a similar “echoing” behavior in the other Outliner pane, but I have not found steps to consistently replicate it. Hopefully fixing the Expand All bug will fix the other scenarios as well.

Please let me know if you have any questions.



Thanks for the report! I’ve got this written up for future fixing.

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