Expand/collapse multiple inspector comments in 1.9?

According to the list of changes for v. 1.9, “Multiple inspector comments and footnotes can be expanded and collapsed using the View > Outline commands or the Left/Right Arrow keys.” I’m not very adept with the Inspector, but this flummoxes me. The only way I can find to expand and collapse multiple comments in the Inspector is to select them with the mouse, and then use Left or Right Arrow. View > Outline commands (Ctrl+3) only toggles Outline View on and off for me. What am I missing?

You can select multiple notes with Ctrl+ or Shift+Click, or holding the Shift key and while navigating the notes with the Up/DownArrows on the keyboard. Then using the Left/Right Arrow keys will collapse or expand the selected notes.

When the focus is in the inspector, i.e. you’ve selected a note or clicked into the area behind the notes, the View > Outline > Expand All and Collapse All commands and keyboard shortcuts (in a submenu toward the bottom of the View menu) will affect the inspector comments rather than the editor.

Thanks. The selecting and using Left/Right Arrow is what I was seeing. The View > Outline confused me because I didn’t read all the way down the View menu to the second occurrence of Outline!