Expand Scrivener Link on Compile

Someone mentioned this several years ago but there was never a response. I wonder if it was implemented, but it appears not to have been.

It would be useful for me if there were an option for Scrivener to replace a Scrivener link with the text that the link refers to upon compile. I use Scrivener to write assessments of my student’s writing, and I often make general comments (or mini essays) that I want to include in everyone’s assessment, in addition to the personal feedback. As I progress I like to improve and make changes to these general comments. It would be wonderful if I could link to these and have the text included in the compile automatically, instead of the current behavior of compiling only the text of the link itself.

Is there another feature that accomplishes the same thing? Append doesn’t do the trick, since the text isn’t linked.

There is a new feature in 2.2 that allows you to update links with their titles (not in Compile, but for selected text, and you can use the Find by Formatting feature to do this too). 2.2 will be out very soon (I’m just waiting for acceptance to the Mac App Store, at which point it will go live on the site too), but in the meantime you can download the beta here:


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