expanding multiple levels?

My project has several levels. Is there a way to expand the iOS binder all the way down other than one by one?

Yeah, go into Edit mode, select the folder you wish to fully expand, and then tap one of the buttons in the very top left corner of the binder. These will fully expand or collapse the selected areas of the tree.

Ah, super, thanks :slight_smile:

Sorry for being a bit dense on this one. I understand how to expand one folder sublevel at a time in IOS, but simply do not see the buttons you are speaking of to be able to expand/collapse all subfolders and documents at one time. And this is something I would very much like to be able to do, and did not realize possible, as then the iPad Binder can quickly become an even better substitute than it is already for the Mac Outline view.

I’ve attached a screen shot of the Scrivener Mac 2.7 manual opened on the iPad as an example, with the Expand button revealed for the Materials folder. If I select to expand the Manual folder (the renamed Draft folder), it will expand one level down in the Binder column, including subdocuments, but the subfolders within remain collapsed until one chooses to expand each one. (The 4 cards and > symbols on the right open the folder one level down either within the Binder or as index cards in the document editing pane.)

Much appreciated if you could direct me to what I’m missing that would fully expand/collapse a top level folder like the Manual folder and all its subfolders in the Binder in one action.

in the binder, it says edit at the top right:

when you click it, two up/down things show at top left. they expand and contract all.

… but first you need to select what it is you want to expand, using the little round dots, right?

Brilliant! Great hidden feature - now fully revealed through your very clear explanation.

Thank you both.

yes, @lunk, so you’d select the draft to do 'em all, thanks