Expansion of emdash issue

Further testing suggests that the emdash issue that cruxdestruct pointed out, might actually be an issue with “special” characters in general. When enabling Scrivener’s support for typography, it appears that smart quotes are exported when using the XHTML and LaTeX options, but not the plain MMD text export…

? Sorry, not quite sure what you mean by this…

Turn on Scrivener’s smart typography and type some quotes and emdashes, etc. in a MMD document. When you export that document to MMD (text) they all get stripped. If you instead skip the MMD text file and export as LaTeX, these characters are properly included as the “smart” versions.

My guess is that it is an issue with the way that Scrivener saves the plain text version of the MMD data (perhaps it isn’t UTF-8, or some other similar sort of error?).

This is not a problem with MMD, because the MMD text export is never processed by MMD.

Oops. Yes, you are right - they are getting saved as ASCII rather than Unicode. Fixed for the next beta.