Expected behavior in Outline Mode not happening

I realize this can be construed as a request for a new feature. However, it falls back to expected behavior for windows users. Clearly it is up to you how to categorize it in the end. :slight_smile:

I am still learning how to use different features of this program. The first time I was in outline mode, I was quite perplexed that double clicking on a line did not take me to the editor page for that item. If I right click, there is a pop up menu that will allow this action. It would be nice if double click would trigger the same event.

I really like this program!


This is on the list as a feature that still needs to be implemented; double-clicking the document’s icon in the outline row should open the document in the editor for you, as you’re anticipating. An alternative you might want to try for now is to set up a split editor so that selecting the document in the outliner will load it in the other editor. To do this, use the button in the right of the editor head to split the editor vertically or horizontally and then in the outliner editor, click the double-arrow button in the left of the footer to link the editors (the arrows will be blue when the link is on).

Thank you for the reply.