Experimenting with Draft

First, I thoroughly enjoy using Scrivener. I have used it to plot a Second Draft of my screenplay and am second guessing myself about some changes.

Is there a way to create a copy of the draft (in index card layout) then make experimental changes to the copy draft? I would find it useful to be able to read the two versions, one above the other, without losing the structure of the original - just in case that was the one I really wanted.

Thank you.

Highlight the “Draft” as a whole by clicking on the icon in the binder, then choose “Duplicate” from the Documents menu, or Ctrl-D. Then you can work on one version in one split and have the other open in the other split.


And don’t forget about the wonderfully easy ‘Snapshots’. Safety in a click. :slight_smile:

Yes, but if you do a snapshot, the copy is not in the same project window so that you can’t have the two versions open side by side.

With my way, though, you have to repeat the process each time so that you have the different stages, if you don’t want to merely work against the original version.