Expirations on Beta versions

Could you maybe dial it down a bit? That was jarring to say the least, and hardly necessary to support your point. I appreciate your attempt to engender empathy toward the developers, but also have a care for those of us who may be a bit sensitive to death imagery on a technical support forum for software.

First of all, the links to the beta versions have already expired as of Sept 30. So they are useless. And I’m not using the beta because I want to experiment with it.

I MUST use the beta because the MAC versions are incompatible with older versions of the Windows versions.

I am collaborating with a Mac user on a writing project. With her upgrade I can no longer open files. The beta version was an easy way for her to continue using the newest Mac version while still being able to share our work.

So please, do not chastise me, please point me to an updated beta with an expiration date that’s not in the past tense.

Thanks for your continued hard work on an excellent product.

If your Mac user is using Scrivener 3, they can export the project in v2 format, which is compatible with Scrivener for Windows 1.9. It’s one extra step for them,but it keeps things working between the released versions of Scrivener.

Having said that, this thread always contains the link to the most current version of the beta:

Pinned beta thread

The download links are near the top of the top-most post in the thread and contain the version number and 32/64-bitness.

I can be a big a-hole at times, so… #NoSympathy

This is a BETA, it’s labeled a BETA, the purpose is specifically for users who wish to, to use a buggy product and provide feedback on the bugs so the developers can more quickly rectify them.

It is NOT for production use, if you are using it that way, you are 100% in the wrong, so again #NoSympathy,

Stick to the release version if you aren’t willing to risk the loss of work, time, loved ones, space monkeys, whatever - it’s a BETA version, and honestly, whining about an expiration date on a public BETA (aka the norm for decades across all software) makes me wonder if you’ve even purchased a license at all.

Also, seriously, Click Community, Click Forums, Click Beta Testing (Windows), look at the big stickied post with the latest release of the BETA, and click it - walah! The newest BETA.

How could you miss this? Each time you open the Beta it gives you the expiration date? You have to acknowledge it each and every time to use the software?

Um… 1.9 is not a Beta. But it ‘does’ have a 30 trial period when you download it and then open it each time with a countdown of how long is left. Of course if you purchased it you should have received a license key to input in your e-mail. You ‘have’ to click on that as well telling you how long is left before it opens.

Sorry no sympathy there. Doesn’t matter which one you download. All files open with either one.

Nobody ever said to use it for Critical Work. It’s beta. It has flaws, its not meant for critical work. We are ‘testing’ it. Some that are doing so know that it can fail and make appropriate backups. It’s even stated when you ‘read’ the notes.

Welcome to the forums, obviously you’ve never bothered to be here. Read what’s going on or … whatever.

Really? Where did you pay for the Beta? None of us have. Now you paid for the public released version. Hence why there’s a ‘forced’ cutoff date so as to ‘not’ have input from ‘older’ version that people ‘wouldn’t’ update but complain about possibly fixed bugs. Hence the name Beta and Beta Testers. Again welcome to the forum, there’s lots and lots of info here you might want to read. If you can spare the time.

Know what a door is? Or do you need help? By the way again, you ‘didn’t’ purchase a copy of the Beta.

Can’t answer that for fear of being sued by Disney for infringement rights over their character. You of course said you paid for a copy. You have 1.9.14 right? Use it. It should be in your carpentry box where you left it. If it asks you for your License Key check your e-mail that you provided when you purchased it, else guess what…

@Bridger Ignore the Scrivener fanboys who feel the need to get nasty and pile on for a week after the original post anytime anyone makes the slightest criticism of Scrivener or the way L&L runs its business.
I think you’ve probably gotten the point that you downloaded the wrong version if you meant to use the paid version. I have the beta installed but I am still using 1.9 myself for my work because I don’t want to deal with the hassles or potential problems of beta. Good luck.

@Liz, it’s not a matter of fanboys (love how quickly people descend to throwing that around when they get called out)

It most definitely a case of pointing out (mostly respectfully) that the issues were of the OP’s own making, definitely not as claimed any failing on the part of L&L and that threatening to go elsewhere is self defeating.

There are a number of very helpful posts in the list.

I guess more than a few people do get a little testy when new posters, in their very first post blast L&L for ‘issues’ that are of their own making, demand changes, insist L&L don’t know what they are doing, (get more developers, not enough, current ones are incompetent, demand consequences). Guess we should learn to just shrug our shoulders and think ‘another one’.

Fanboy = Adult who reads release notes, understands what free beta means, and is an adult.

No project is perfect. Everyone is smarter in critical hindsight. Complaining about reality doesn’t fix it.
But complaining because you can’t do a simple thing like download the software twice from the same location is… ya that.