Explain to me like I'm a two-year-old

I have two questions.

  1. How in the world do I find the Character Sketch in the novel template? I found it once, but it’s hiding from me now.

  2. How do I save onto my zip drive? I have used the Back Up feature, and saved to Word, but it didn’t work. As I am writing this I realize that the answer may be that I need to save the entire Scrivener program to the zip drive.


  1. Try searching for it in the toolbar. Searching titles for “Character” is probably enough. Once it pops up in the search result list, select it and use Documents/Reveal in Binder to jump back to the main project list and see where it was hiding. This tip is useful for finding all kinds of things.
  2. The File/Backup Project To... command is in fact what you want. I’m not sure what you mean about saving it to Word with that though, there is no such option. The only thing it will create is a copy of your entire Scrivener project. The only available options are where, what to call it, and whether or not it should be zipped up (to save space). Copying the Scrivener program to your drive will not save your work under any circumstances. That is just the program. Your projects are saved in your documents somewhere. Probably the desktop or Documents. To save the backup to removable media, you just need to set the where part of that equation to the correct drive (or save it somewhere temporary like the Desktop and then drag it to the removable drive after it is done). That is something you’ll need to find on your computer.