Explanation of Fields in Writing History

I haven’t found a document that describes the Writing History window in detail. I don’t understand some of the terms and nomenclature, such as ‘In-Draft’ vs ‘Elsewhere’

It would be nice if the current day showed up at the top of the list, rather than forcing the user to scroll to the bottom of the list. Is there a way to reverse-sort the list? I tried clicking on the column heading, but that didn’t work.

Also, I wrote over 1200 words (by selecting the section I’d completed) and noticed that the history showed 0 Draft and 334 Other. Why is the count so low? I didn’t delete any words anywhere. (if it’s relevant, I’m running v3.1.2 on Win11)

Can someone provide a general discussion of what that window is telling me? Or perhaps point me toward a FAQ or other documentation that I missed?

Jon McManus

The manual, available from the Help menu, has a whole chapter on Writing Tools, one section of which deals with Goals and Statistics Tracking Tools.

Ha! Silly me. I was searching the documentation site.

Any idea for the discrepancy in word counts?


Is it possible you started another section while working on the draft? I know the stats are only on the section (or file) that you’re in.

In one Scrivener document (one ‘scene’) that I began today, the count at the bottom of that document (I’ve also modified other documents) is 979 words. The daily count on the Writing History window shows 0 for the Draft and 334 for Other. The document is part of the manuscript (i.e., checked at the lower right corner).

Found the problem. I didn’t realize until this morning that the date on that count was 10/22–Saturday, not Friday. It appeared that some of the word count was applied to 10/21, with only the last 334 words applied to 10/22.

When I looked into the current time, I realized I hadn’t set the time zone on my two-day-old PC. I don’t recall that as part of the setup. Mea culpa…

Thanks for everyone’s patience.