export a .pdf with links

Love the new version. Trying to convert some of my Windows friends.
Have a project just completing. A 40-page or so research paper filled with links. When I export to .pdf, the links are not active. How do a get a finished product (.pdf) with active links?

This is not a feature of PDF exporter. Please be aware that it is basically just a “camera shot” of your document, not an actual bonafide PDF generator. Scrivener internally produces an RTFD file, and then sends that to OS X which you can then image a PDF off of. There is minimal support for external linking, but creating internal linking (from section A to section B via text link C) requires an anchor and a link, and inserting the anchor is the part that might be too difficult to do with Apple’s PDF generator.

It would be interesting to know how the manual for Scrivener 2 was produced. This PDF contains links and was certainly written in Srivener :wink: and obviously its links were preserved. I even have the suspicion that the workflow behind the manual’s production would be of general interest. Maybe an idea for the fantastic video section?

That’s all MultiMarkdown and LaTeX via pdflatex, which has fantastic support for automatic cross-referencing, table of contents, hyperlinking and so on—but a totally different system than what you get when selecting Print/PDF from the dropdown in compiler. :slight_smile:

So “general interest” might be a bit of a stretch. It uses a workflow that will be familiar to many academics (primarily in science fields) and geeks, but outside of that it’s pretty esoteric.

I’m not sure about a video (I doubt anyone would want to listen to me stammer and stutter for an hour on how code a XML transformer), but a tutorial or how-to, yes! Definitely in the works and probably will be distributed as a part of the downloadable .scriv file that was used to make it, once available.

I’m looking forward to the How-To. It is a real pleasure to use a software with such a great support. Highly appreciated.

looks like I can export an .rtf into Pages and produce a .pdf from there that preserves links.

Nice find.

But you can’t have footnotes that way! So if you need both … :frowning: