Export a specific compile option from Scriv 2 to import it into 3

Hi, well, basically the title sums it up in a nutshell.

I want to be able to Compile in Scriv 3 into separate files as you were able with Scriv2’s iBooks Author Chapters
but I’m not sure how to do it EITHER in Scriv3 OR do it in Scriv2 so that I end up with a format that Scriv3 recognises.

I don’t want to return to Scriv2 simply because I cannot compile the way that works for me, because the outlay for Scriv3 was a huge amount to pay and it boils down to affordability!


PS For those wondering why I want to do this, it’s because it’s easier for me to have lots of short files than one long file and then hunt for the chapter I want to read through in a different interface.


I’m afraid that this option - the option to export to iBooks Author .docx chapters - has been completely removed from Scrivener 3. The feature was only ever intended for use with iBooks Author, and since iBooks Author now allows you to import ePub files directly, there is no need for this interim export option in Scrivener.

You can of course just export chapters individually either using Compile or Export (one at a time).

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Blast it (I’m being ultra polite - this being a public forum and all),