Export and import 'Edit Substitution' lists

It would be great if Scrivener had the ability to save and load the words in the ‘Edit Substitutions’ command in Option/Corrections. I make a lot of mistakes in my fast-but-sloppy two-fingered typing, and I have relied for years on the similar feature in Word (Auto Correct) to fix a lot of my mistakes (I’ve added a lot of the common mistakes I make into Word’s Auto Correct list).

I’m finding Scrivener a lot slower to write with than Word for this reason. When I started using AutoCorrect in Word it was such a relief not to have to make so many corrections but also not to have to slow down my typing.

In realize it would probably be too difficult to set up a way of importing Auto Correct lists from Word, but if it was possible to be able to export and import Scriv’s own lists that would be useful, because then people who’ve built up their own extensive substitution lists could make those available to others.

(However, going by some earlier posts it looks like Scrivener keeps the Substitutions list in Registry, so I appreciate that this feature may be difficult to implement.)

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(I’ve just realised that I’ve somehow made what was supposed to be an edit to my earlier post on this topic into a new post. Apologies for that.)