Export as PDF?

Does Scrivener have plans to let us export files as PDF? How does one do the final formatting? Is it wise to change all text back to default, then just do the “Zoom” so we can see clearly, then do all formatting as the final stage after the project is exported? What are some good programs to export to for formatting and sending to publishers, etc?

You can always generate PDF using the print driver.

More importantly to you may be that point that scrivener is NOT a page layout program. It is best to think of scriv as a free structured creative tool. As such page layout is left to be done by a specialist program such as Word, Pages, Nessus or the like.

There are others here that can help you with which layout tools work best. My needs are pretty simple and I can get everything I require straight from scriv.

If my friend uses Scrivener, can she also generate PDF…she’s got a 3 year old Macbook that uses Tiger, not Leopard? Thanks for your answer!

Easiest way to get a PDF file is to Print, and in that dialog box, choose Save As PDF.
That’s available in Leopard, can’t remember about Tiger.

Yes, Tiger creates PDFs just the same as Leopard.

Whenever you print, from any application, there will be a little button in the bottom left hand corner of the pane that allows you to create a PDF file instead of sending it to the printer.

Sounds like the box for printing in Tiger is just like Leopard’s. My friend will be happy. Thanks!