Export as Scrivener File in Order to Import to New One

Hello everyone,

Is it possible to export part of a scrivener file (E. g. several folders and files within a scrivener project) so that it can be re-imported to a new Scrivener file with all settings intact?

I tried doing this and was able to get all the files but I lost the statuses and card labels I had.

I tried doing this in order to cut down the size of one of my main scrivener files because i think it was starting to run a bit slowly. In more detail, my file named “blogs” had a bunch of folders inside. Each of these folders had another of files and sub-files. Some of these folders grew quite large. So I tried to just make them into their own project in another scrivener file.

Thanks much for your help.
Jacqueline K

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If you want to parcel out parts of your project because one is getting too large, you can create a new project, open them both at once, and then drag the items from one binder to another. This will retain all of its meta-data and other information (just make sure you set up the right labels and status first). After you’ve moved the items over to the new project, you can delete them from the old one.

Thanks much for your help!

Ok so your solution worked but I would like to add this to the wish list, and that is to:

  1. Have program settings remain the same unless you set them differently for a different document? Is that possible?


  1. Perhaps have them as an exportable feature. I’m not sure what I’m getting at.

I had a bunch of projects in my original scrivener file and each time I dragged a set of folders into a new scrivener file,I had to set the preferences which was a bit of a task. I didn’t realize how many things I would have to set in the process.

If this isn’t possible I would understand, I know this outliner is unique. It’s not a word processor and I understand that. I do like the program very much and prefer writing in it for my blogs over anything else.

Thanks and best

P. S. This isn’t high on the wish list. In fact I do not have a wish list per say for Scrivener. Any improvements that are coming I’m sure will be like icing on the cake. I know going forward, to avoid problems I have to break out projects into their own scrivener files.

The other option would be to duplicate the original project in the finder, rename it clearly to what you want, then open that duplicate and delete all the parts of it that you don’t want in your new project. Quite a bit of work, but you’d keep your settings.



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Another way of doing this, that would keep your project settings, is to (as Mark suggests) duplicate the original project, and then open the duplicate and wipe everything out except for the stuff you want to be in common between them all. Then save this empty project as a template using File/Save as Template.... Now you can create new projects using that template, which will have all of your settings, and can distribute bits from the large project into these satellite projects.

I may not be understanding the follow-up question, but there are some settings that can be exported and imported. Open Scrivener’s preferences in the original project, then at the bottom of the preferences pane, there’s a “Defaults” button, next to a drop-down list that says “Manage…”. Click on the drop-down, and choose “Save preferences”. Then in the other project, you can load the preferences using the same drop-down menu.

Don’t know if that’s of any use in this situation, but I found it handy when starting my second book in Scrivener.

I wasn’t entirely clear on it either, but I think what they were referring to is meta-data settings, whether or not pins or shown—that sort of thing which is only stored in the project. Of course if you are moving from one computer to another, the ability to export a preference file and load it on the second machine is invaluable.

Wow these are all wonderful suggestions. Thanks everyone. I came back here perhaps a few weeks after my original post. I didn’t not expect to see more responses. What a surprise. The ideas really workable, I’m going to try them out. Thanks again!