Export as Scrivener Project

Hopefully this would be quite an easy one to impliment, but then what do I know.

One thing I have found myself doing is starting with like… 1 scriv project and then splitting them. I would love to be able to do is select a load of documents/folders/etc. and then export then directly to another scriv project, (with the possibility of moving rather than copying my original files); rather than creating a new project, importing an old one and then deleting lots.

Then again, I might just be lazy.


I think, although I am not certain, that you can drag between Scrivener projects and keep everything intact.

So you can probably do what you want to do by creating a new Scrivener project, selecting what you want, dragging it across, and then pressing delete (with everything still selected) in your original Scrivener project if you no longer wish the files to be there (or not, if you just want to copy them).

Although it is a handful of steps, that would probably suffice for what you want to do.


Right, just drag and drop between two open projects. Everything but status and labels will get transferred over, even snapshots. Then delete them from the initial project. I don’t think this process could be made much simpler. A command that moved files to another project would be more clunky, I think. It would have to be open anyway for the new files to be correctly registered—so it being open and all—a menu command would actually be more work than drag and drop.