Export Cards + synopsis for Final Draft Card view?

I can get the synopsis and/or notes in the compiled draft mode, but that puts them in the body of the document, not FD card view –

(I couldn’t find a solution in this forum… I swear I did look through the threads for answers. :unamused: )

if someone has figured out how to do this, please share, even if it would mean exporting to some other app first… or if someone was able to applescript it…

** I was also unable to determine whether printing the cards was going to be included in Scrivener.


Printing cards will be in 2.0 (which will be out late this year). There is currently no way to export the synopses from cards to FD card view, but that, too, will be coming in Scrivener 2.0 (but will require Final Draft 8, which is out next month).
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Fantastic, thanks!

The workaround I’ve found is to export only titles + synopsis + notes, including “#” to indicate scene breaks, then, in either word or indesign search and replace # with page breaks, then format page for cards and print. Doesn’t do anything for FD but it does allow me to have index cards, which is somehow soothing.

OT – Thank you so much for creating Scriv – fantasticaly practical app and I appreciate the non-bloat motto.