Export chapter name in header on compile?

Is there a way to export the name of the chapter or document (in the binder) into the header of the exported word doc (compile draft) like the way I can with page numbers? Is there a character combo I’m missing. I use the one for page numbers (<$p>) and tried <$t> as a guess, but it doesn’t work. Anyone else come across this?

But of course…

In the “compile draft” dialogue, check over to the right. There’s a series of checkboxes where you select what you want to export. The one you’re looking for is “Titles” - make sure titles for files are selected in that grid of checkboxes if that’s what you want to display.

(Those checkboxes are handy. You can print an outline by selecting titles only, a scene summary sheet by selecting titles and synopsis only, and so on in any combination.)

I think he means in the actual header. No, I’m afraid there is no way of doing this - you have to enter the header manually.
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