Export comments based on color?

Hi folks,

I swear that somewhere I saw that you could export annotations and/or comments based on color, but now I can’t find that info anywhere. Did I dream that? Or, is there a way to do that? If so, I’d be forever grateful if someone could tell me how.


There is nothing quite like that. You can export notes with the File/Export/Comments & Annotations… menu command, but this indiscriminately exports all notes. Where you can work with colours is with the Edit/Find/Find by Formatting… command—but that’s one-by-one match tool, like regular Cmd-F works.

By the way for this reason I tend to text tag my comments if the type is important, as well as using a colour. Most other programs do not support multiple colours for notes (let alone inline and bubble notes), so having some kind of typed in text that can serve as a type tag makes everything more portable and super simple to search for since everything can find text.