Export contains unwanted elements


Firstly, this is a tremendous piece of software and you should be very proud of what you have created. Thank you.

My issue arises during the export of a draft (to either rtf or doc format).

It’s the plan for a screenplay, and I would like to export it to a document that can be used as a scene breakdown. It is arranged as index cards, with each card having a TITLE, a SYNOPSIS, and TEXT. These are the elements I would like to export.

However, whenever I export both Synopsis and Text, the exported document has underlined sub-headings designating “Synopsis” and “Text”. I would rather they weren’t there, so that each scene in my scene breakdown just had:


However I can’t seem to disable these descriptors in the export settings. I can’t help but feel that there is a check box there that I am missing, but I have searched the prefs, the forums and the help documents and can’t find the answer.

Any ideas? I have attached the document as it is exported, as well as The Ideal document as re-formatted by me.

I know you are busy developing this winning piece of software, but if you could find the time to help me out here, I would be undyingly appreciative. I’d be buying immediately (I’ve only been playing with Scrivener for a day) and encouraging friends to do the same.

All the best,
TheIdeal.doc (957 Bytes)
HangingDescriptors.doc (1.95 KB)

I’m afraid that you can’t do this at the moment. Those titles only appear if you print out more than one data type. So, for instance, if you just print out the title and synopses, no titles are printed. Likewise if you just print of the titles and the text, or just the text alone. But when you print out the synopsis and the text, then these titles automatically get inserted to make it clear which part is which - otherwise the synopsis would just run into the text (unless there was yet another font option for this). When it comes time for 2.0 in the far-off future, I will look at improving the export flexibility, but for now, I am afraid, you can’t do exactly what you want. (The idea was that you would generally want to print off titles and synopses for outlining, or just the text - or titles and text - for the actual manuscript.)


Thank you so much for that Keith. I suspected as much.

Your point re what one would want to print is pretty much spot on. I guess it’s just an Australian TV thing - often we print a little synopsis of each scene before the scene breakdown. But it’s not essential and I can totally live without it.

Might I suggest, however, that for whenever version 2.0 arrives, it might be a useful function to have: total control over the export document.

Again, thanks so much for the software. I will buy it shortly.


I’ve added to the list of vague ideas for 2.0. It’s a long way off, but at that point I will re-evaluate lots of things and see what can work better and so on.