Export Desires (MSWord with comments/PDF with notes)

OK, since I’m new to this forum, plz treat with gentleness my following questions:

  • export to Word : I would love for the Inspector’s Document Notes to be export to Word with the Scrivener’s Notes as “MS Word Comments” - I gather this is difficult or impossible
  • export to PDF: in a similar vein, I’d like to do a similar action, but this time with the Inspector’s document notes showing up in Preview’s “Highlights and Notes”

Have been looking around this forum for quite a long time now & nothing comes close… :-/


(first wrongly posted in the Tips & Tricks of this Forum)

You say “export” so I guess you’re using File > Export menu option. Have you checked out File > Compile? In Complie the Formatting section lets you select Meta-data, Synopsis, and Notes in addition to the document Text for inclusion in the compiled version. See the Compile For target to Microsoft Word and you should have what you want. Compile is much more flexible than Export.

Scrivener’s inspector comments and inline annotations are translated into MSWord margin comments already, and will be anchored to the text they’re connected to or were near to at least. Document notes can be added to the beginning of each document’s compiled text simply by checking the “Notes” checkbox in the Formatting pane of the compile window.

As for PDF, I don’t think that inspector comments and inline annotations are translated into PDF comments (they seem to be translated into inline bracketed text), but once again, the document notes can be included using the Formatting pane checkboxes.

Thx, I indeed already checked out “Compile” - but now following your advice:
“Compilation Options > Formatting” is where I went to check all the available options. In the preview attached to this reply it shows as I wanted it to be (approximately) - but on the export (in Word 97, like you said) it resulted in none of the

  • document notes
  • synopsis
  • meta-data

…being output.
It’s disheartening since I now spent well over 2 hours getting to this point. 100+ new grey hairs also…

NEVER MIND - I found it

“compile as-is” needs to be turned off.

wow - that was not self-evident.

Yeah, As-Is suppresses a lot of stuff that can’t really be put into that item in the inspector. “Suppress indent & font formatting overrides, title prefixes, synopsis & notes inclusions” just wouldn’t fit. I sometimes wonder if there should be a separate checkbox for all that non-formatting stuff.

In any event, if there is text that you want to preserve formatting on (ex: block quotes), try using Format->Formatting->Preserve Formatting on a selected passage instead of using the “as-is” checkbox.