Export Draft? What about: Publish Draft or Generate Draft?

Hi all,

Just garnering some feedback.

I feel that the “Export Draft” feature is a little tucked away in the Export submenu of the File menu. I also feel that labelling it “Export” is a little misleading, given that the print feature has now become more powerful and it can be used to print a final manuscript for some types of writing (e.g. a novel). Also, it is a rather importing feature - one of the most important, in fact - to be tucked away in a submenu. Thus, I want to place it at the bottom of the File menu and rename it to something that suggests it can be used to Export or Print (I’m also renaming “Print…” to “Print Current Document…” to make it more explicit what it does without referring to the Help file).

Some thoughts:

Generate Draft…
Publish Draft…

I don’t like “generate” much. “Publish” is all right, except that really, you aren’t publishing it, are you? Likewise, “Share” wouldn’t be great, as you may be printing/exporting for yourself.

So, any suggestions welcome. And the quicker the better, as I want to get the 1.09 beta out today or tomorrow. :slight_smile:

All the best,

How about ‘DraftCrafter?’ - heh, heh, just kidding.

My suggestions would be:

Process Draft
Draft Output

Er …

Create draft
Build draft
Process draft (yuck!)

How about “format” something… draft, file, whatever…

I am with Rayz:

“Build draft”

Not “Create draft” - that is my job, not Scrivener´s :slight_smile:


“Deploy Draft,” haha. Liberate draft. Draft dodge?

In the desktop publishing world, “Collect Draft” would have meaning and describe a somewhat similar process, but only describes part of the process here. “Compile Draft,” would make sense, and while it has a highly technical meaning, also harks back to the paper days.

I agree with your thoughts on both Generate and Publish. Publish, especially, would probably be confusing—especially in the Mac world where a menu item named as such might very well connect to a POD service and send you a box of vanity books in a week. :slight_smile:

Oh, and while on this very topic, how about going with a static title instead of the dynamic one that changes according to how the Draft folder is named? I like the idea, but from a support/documentation/consistency standpoint, it gets in the way a bit.

I agree with Amber, COMPILE DRAFT fits very well.

However, I like the way the menu item changes name according to what I’ve renamed the Draft folder. No functional difference, I know, but I like it.

Might I also suggest PRINT CURRENT SCRIVENING, as opposed to DOCUMENT? From reading the boards, it does seem many people new to Scriv think of the whole project as a single document, so that could be confusing.

Hmm, “Compile” - yes, I like that.

You may be right about the dynamic thing, though I like the fact that you could rename “Draft” to “Manuscript” and have it say “Compile Manuscript”, for instance… If, on the other hand, you have renamed the Draft folder to the name of your project, then it is less desirable.


Antony - I thought about Scrivening, but it’s such an odd word that I don’t like to use it too much outside of “Edit Scrivenings”. Also, there is a Documents menu, so “Print Current Document” is consistent with that.

This is a great idea Keith. All of these would work for me, in the following order of preference:

Print Draft
Compile Draft
Generate Draft
Output Draft

I think it’s great that you are so thoughtful about Scrivener’s evolution.



How about a complete separation of PRINT and EXPORT?

Use a sub-menu under PRINT for CURRENT DOCUMENT and, generally, the “print” functions now subsumed in EXPORT.

Then EXPORT could be simply for export to a different file/format/system/whatever.

PJS, that wouldn’t work. The “print” button in the Export Draft panel takes all the options that you have set up for exporting and uses them - in so much as possible - to print. The current “Export Draft” print thus sets up the draft for either exporting or print. Separating them would require two panels that do much the same thing. Or it would require having to go through the Export Draft sheet to set up the print, then closing the sheet and calling up the Print command from the menu separately. Or it would mean having a setup sheet that was accessed to set stuff up, and then separately accessing commands for Export or Print that called upon those settings. Either way, it would mean more steps just to get your stuff out.

So far, “Compile Draft” is definitely the one I like best…


Although, if you get right down to it, I think the word ‘compile’ makes one think of printing even less than ‘export’ does. To compile is to bring pieces together into a whole, which doesn’t really imply printing. However, printing is a type of exporting - you’re exporting your file to paper.

Maybe I’m just not thinking of the word ‘compile’ in the same way others are?

“Compile” implies that the draft is being put together from the constituent parts for whatever purpose. In my experience (of answering e-mails and forum posts), users often don’t think to look for a “Print” feature in an “Export” dialogue (and why should they?) - they often overlook the “Print” button entirely.

“Compile Draft” draws the user’s attention to the fact that it has something to do with putting the draft together. Clicking on it will show them immediately what it is for. They are less likely to miss the print feature and have to poke around in the Help file for it.

So, I really like “Compile”. :slight_smile: It gives a better impression of what the feature is for.


I see your point - that makes sense.

Just noting that ‘compile’ to me sounds too much like programmer’s speak and not something I’m likely to want to do. Obviously it doesn’t matter, but I thought I’d note it anyway. :slight_smile:

How about revising the File menu to have the following entries:

Export files/folders
Export draft
Print current document
Print multiple documents

Print multiple and Export draft point to the exact same dialog, but this way less experienced users can see both options right away.

Barring that, I like “Compile draft” or “Build draft.”


I agee with the general consensus…

“Compile” is good, although being a programmer it makes me think I am building software… did that word really have a use before computers??? And I call myself a writer!

I don’t mind “Build” as well.
As an extra suggestion, I guess “Collate” might have a similar meaning.

Also agree with others - don’t like Publish because it feels too final (i.e. the very last button you press when you are finally finished), nor do I like Generate.


Do not know if someone has said this or not, but I suggest “Compose Draft” since one of its definations is, “Produce a literary work”.

Sudden thought - if COMPILE sounds too techie, ASSEMBLE DRAFT would also have the same broad meaning.