Export Edit Import Merge

If I export a project to Word, send it to an editor and she sends it back with edits-- is there a way to import back into Scriv and merge it with the original document?

If not, what is the best way to work with an editor and still get the great functionality of Scrivener?


A search of this forum will find several threads on or around this topic - for example, this one: [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/at-what-stage-do-others-transfer-their-manuscript-to-word/17316/1].

One solution frequently proposed (I can’t remember whether it’s in that thread) is: persuade your editor to buy Scrivener.

Depending how the edits are done, you could import the edited document into Scrivener and then use the split editor to work through the changes–assuming that you’ve compiled your Draft and sent off a full manuscript, you probably are dealing with a single lengthy Word document and multiple smaller documents in your project, so there’s not a 1-1 match-up anymore, meaning you’d need to split the edited document or copy and paste into smaller sections, etc, which could get messy and irrelevant. Some writers have suggested importing the edited version as a PDF file, keeping the revisions immutable in that copy for future reference, and going through then to make the changes in the Scrivener documents (after using the Snapshot feature before starting in on the edits).

Margin comments from Word will import into Scrivener as inspector comments, so you’re fine there; if your editor used Track Changes to mark sections of your text directly (such as deleting or rewriting sections), that won’t import, so you’ll need to deal with those edits in Word before importing into Scrivener. As Hugh said, this has come up around the forum (Tech Support, Zen, and Tips & Tricks are the most likely places), so with a poke around you’ll probably stumble on some threads with various suggestions.