Export entire project problem

W7 on Toshiba laptop, Scrivener 1.8
Just upgraded to Scrivener 1.8 and thoroughly enjoy the updates. I like the software and look forward to purchasing it and using it when it debuts.

I have a trial version of Microsoft Word which I have not activated, preferring to use OpenOffice instead. I haven’t decided yet whether to keep it.

However, when I tried to export a manuscript to text format, Scrivener 1.8 started ‘converting a file’, and the sign-on screen for Microsoft Office came up wanting me to enter the product key. I had to cancel out of Word, upon which I got the message ‘conversion failed.’

After it quit ‘converting files’ I had a folder containing a title page and subfolder, which contained a blank file. When I tried to delete them, I got a message saying that WinWord still had them open. This happens with text and .RTF both.

Earlier versions of Scrivener gave no trouble exporting manuscripts. Version 1.8 exports single or multiple files without a problem.

Am I going to have Word installed before I can export manuscripts? (I recall an earlier message about needing something in Word to export to DOCX, but I’m trying to export to text.)

This worries me. I don’t want to trash the trial version of Word because I may have to have it, but would Scrivener export if I get rid of it?