export file without enclosing folder?

I often export one Scrivener document at a time as a .docx, in order to do formatting in Word (for just one document, export is much simpler than compile). It’s irritating to me that Scrivener always creates an enclosing folder for the exported document (it clutters up the export location and I just have to go through and move the .docx out of the folder and then delete it at some point). Is this a requirement of OS X? Or is there a way I can export files without the redundant enclosing folder?

I’m going to question your premise. Is Export really simpler than Compile? Choosing the Original compile preset, and setting the “current selection” filter in the Compile -> Contents pane (assuming you’ve already chosen the file in the Binder), should be just as quick as Export, without the annoying enclosing folder.