Export filenames (and ONLY filenames)

I’m guessing the answer is no, but I thought I’d ask anyway:

Is it possible to export the filenames of the files in a Scrivener project? I don’t want the files themselves exported, just a list of the filenames. Printed to a PDF would be fine, too. I’ve done a search on ”filenames“ in the Help file, in the FAQ here online, and in the forums and didn’t come up with what I’m looking for.

My project is getting too big for me to get my head around, too many fragments, story bits, etc., and I am hoping to be able to work through it on paper. The names of my various bits and pieces are all quite descriptive, so a listing of them would be all I’d need to begin.

Thanks for any and all help.


Provided the files you want to get the titles of are inside the Draft folder, this is easy. Just use Compile Draft and select to include only the titles. Set up your export format etc and export or print and voila - a list of titles only.

All the best,

That is just what I needed! Thanks, Keith. :smiley:

Of course I feel like an idiot because I did go into Compile Draft and even saw the titles check box, but for some reason I thought it meant something other than a filename. Duh. :blush: