Export files from Research Folder

I would like to have some way to get the files I drag into the Research folder out of it again, presumably with names intact. I use Scrivener for research, write in Mellel, and often export into NeoOffice or Pages (especially if I want to use images). It would be nice to be able to simply drag images out of Research into another program, or at least have an export option to save selected items from Research into a folder. As it is, I have to open the package, find the originals, and drag them to a folder, then keep checking back with Scrivener as to the right name.

BTW, I tried searching “export” “research” and several other terms in this forum, and they all seemed to be on the stop list. I could search only for the most trivial of terms.

Just select the files and go to File > Export > Files…

Ah, the one thing that never occurred to me…