export files not exporting all the files

My usage is that, during the research state of a writing project, I type notes from my readings into the synopsis pane. Later on I rearrange these, and then write in formal prose in the main text pane.

At times, I want to export all my notes to store them for long-term storage in DEVONthink Pro. I’ve done this before, and it has exported the main text as a one file (RTF), and my metadata – most important of which to me are my notes from the synopses – into txt files. Good.

I’ve found a problem, however, where not all the files i’m selecting in the binder are being exported. I have selected export meta-data, so that’s not the problem. I have tried various setups, but it keeps happening.

Any ideas?

Very difficult for me to say given that I cannot recreate this. I have just tried several Export Files… actions, and in each case, whatever I choose in the binder gets exported successfully. Perhaps you could give more details or steps to reproduce?

Keith I sent you, by email, a sample project that was producing the problem. Any help?

I did reply to your e-mail - did you not get it? Here was my reply:

Must have got stuck in the spam filter. Anyhow, I think you’re right, it must be the forward slashes and back slashes…hadn’t thought of it. Thanks!