Export Files & Special Characters


Although not shown on the error message, it also fails when there’s a period in the name.

I’ve got tons of files (78 files right now, but this was just a limited test - I’m looking at potentially 1000+ by the time I reach the end of the project) that I wanted to export and every single one has a colon in the name, as well as possibly several periods. It’s just not practical to rename those all manually.

So I was about to request a way to batch rename files in the binder, however upon playing around a bit more…

Interesting, so if I select all those files and export but type in something totally new for the filename, it creates a folder with that name and exports all the files into it, stripping out the bad punctuation. However if I try to select all those files and export using some variation of the default name then I get the error.

Selecting the folder the text documents are in and exporting that seems to work although it does throw this error.