Export footers

Just a quick question.

How come the export dialog has a section for page headers, but no section for page footers?

Because they’re not supported. :slight_smile:

Scrivener remains first-draft software, but by providing the option for headers with page numbers, it does mean that you can export or print using standard manuscript format. However, if you want other layouts that require footers, you will still have to use a word processor. I don’t rule out footers for a future version (probably 2.0), but for now, it’s headers only. I should empthasize the difficulty of providing these features at all. I have to do a lot of dabbling with RTF streams just to insert headers, images, footnotes and comments, because none of this comes “for free” in the Apple frameworks.

Unfortunately, it goes like this: I don’t support headers or footers, someone says, “What about headers?”. I add headers, someone says, “What about footers?”. I add footers, and someone asks, “What about properly formatted headers and footers, with different alignments and page numbers anywhere?” At which point I have to say, “I have no idea how that would be implemented using the current Cocoa methods.” So it was basically a design decison: I figured it would be best to have limited support for headers (with the page numbers in a fixed place) which would allow novelists and some other writers to be able to generate properly formatted manuscripts rather than no support for headers or footers at all (even though some time ago I said there would be no support for either).

Sorry to give such a long answer to a short question. :slight_smile: The short answer is the standard, “Scrivener is not a word processor,” so a word processor will needed for more specialist layout. And yes, headers and footers I count as “specialist layout”. :slight_smile:

But hey, you got chapter number variables, right? :slight_smile:

All the best,

No problem. I was just curious … :slight_smile:

… and yes, thank you very much for the chapter number variables … :smiley:


You were absolutely right. Now I have started using headers; I want the bloody footers! … :blush:

I knew it! Mrs Rayz said to me ‘Leave it alone. If you look at it, you’ll want more. Just like that Fru Scilian Lemon Cheesecake that has mysteriously vanished from the fridge.’

As this is completely self-inflicted, I won’t ask for footers to be included; just considered for version one billion. If you add 'em, then it’ll be the cheesecake all over again; I’ll keep dipping in and asking for more; I will never be free. If you say that you will consider them sometime for the September 2046 release then I will think ‘okay; at least they’re under consideration’ and I will be a strange but happy bunny.

Bloody headers!


I will consider them for the September 2046 release (if I’m still alive), though not until. :slight_smile:

Excellent! Thanks for considering them!

But knowing you, I suspect we’ll see them in August 2042!

Thanks again for the chapter counters; they really are the dog’s knackers!

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