export footnotes only?

Is it possible to export footnotes only, for proofing purposes? I noticed that I can export comments/annotations…

hm. perhaps evil trick is to convert to comments, export, and then convert back?

Before I do so I want to know if there is a shorter way I am not seeing, and be sure that I can convert back to footnotes.

If it’s just for proof-reading, why not use Compile, choose to print, and then just print only the range of pages containing the footnotes?

that “range” is 300 pages. it is okay, I will figure something out. it is a matter of convenience, not necessity.

I don’t understand. When you print directly from Scrivener, the footnotes become endnotes - are you saying you have 300 pages of endnotes? That’s a lot of endnotes!

ah, I misunderstood you directions. no, not 300 pages of footnotes, though I probably have well over that number of footnotes. dissertations are like that. I hope I never have to footnote something so thoroughly again.

Right, phew! I thought that would be a lot. So to reiterate:

File > Compile.

Choose to compile your whole draft for printing (Compile For > Printing/PDF in 2.0, or clicking on “Print” in 1.x), then choose the page range you need to print. It’s probably easiest to open the print preview in Preview (by clicking on the “PDF” button in the print panel and selection “Open PDF in Preview”, as you can then more easily identify the range of pages to print, rather than trying to make them out in the small print preview panel; then go to print from Preview and choose the page range for the endnotes).

Hope that helps.

All the best,