Export footnotes to Mellel

Exporting to Mellel seems to present some problems as far as the footnotes are concerned.

When exporting a document with footnotes in RTF and then importing it into Mellel, in the footnotes (not in the main text) vocals with diacritical signs (ó, à , é, ï, ô) and also a sign like … are changing into something completely different. I can’t show the results here, because this forum somehow transforms them another time into something else.

So it seems to me that the conversion mechanism has problems with diacritical signs and probably also with a number of other signs.
Or am I missing something?

Might be related to this, and I am pretty sure I saw another post about diacritic characters in footnotes. So I think this might already be partially resolved?


Perfect! I’ll wait patiently for beta4! Thanks Amber, thanks Maria!