Export Format Styles (Scrivener v3)

Hi there community,

I am newer with Scrivener v3, I have create my own paragraphs format styles, but they are available only for the project I am working, not for others.

I have see one option to import styles (in Format > Style > Import Styles…), but…, how to export style to have styles to import?

Maybe it is a stupid question an d have easy answer, but I have two days searching for that option without lucky.

Thank you for your attention and your helps.


You don’t have to export them.

Format->Style->Import Styles and select the project that already has the styles you want.

Oh, wow, drmajorbob,

That works. Thank you very much, I was going crazy trying to search how to do it.

Thank you very much again.

I think an Export option is a good idea, though.