Export formats with image links preserved


I wonder which of the file format Scrivener can export will preserve linked images, instead of embedding them during export. I mean, if I have images linked to files in Scrivener, I would like to have them also linked in the exported file.

This is because my target format is still that of a page layout program (InDesign, Publisher), where I would like to import the document compiled by Scrivener, and automatically get the images linked to the original folder.


I guess HTML and ePub will always link to images, but those are not the best as I put for InDesign or Affinity Publisher.

Exporting or Compiling to IDML would do it, if that existed. :wink:

For Mastering Scrivener, I had to recreatie the layout in InDesign and place all images by hand…

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Our most beloved programs refuse to communicate. Scrivener can export to ICML (via Pandoc). Publisher can read IDML. Nearly identical formats, but not interchangeable ones. None of them can use the format used by the other one! :frowning: