Export images from comments pane

In my novel manuscript, I’ve created a file for each character using the “characters” template. I’ve uploaded pictures of the characters in the top right-hand column, over the comments section. I did this by dragging a jpg onto the index card there. However, I can’t drag the image out to export it. How do I export this image only?


I forget precisely when this was implemented, but the latest beta build does allow you to drag images out of the Image Synopsis area of the Inspector pane, and into either the text content or the binder (where it could then be exported along with many others in a batch).

In the current stable version, you can only drag the image out to the text area, and you could then right-click on it there and select “Save as picture…”. That’s okay for one or two, but might be a hassle if you have a bunch of them to back up.