Export Images from Project

Is there a way to export images from a project into a folder in the order in which they appear in the project?

There are a couple of suggestions where the image files appear in the binder, but in this case, the images were dropped directly into the document and so do not appear in the binder.

Nor can you select an image type (jpg, png) in the Files>Export dialog.

Section 15.6.2 in the manual suggests right-clicking on an individual image and saving it to disk. I would like t fine a way to do this automatically rather than manually.

Blockquote 15.6.2 Saving an Image Out of the Editor

Blockquote To save the image to the disk, right-click on the image and select “Save as Pic- ture…” from the contextual menu. This option will not be available with a linked image, which naturally is already on the disk—instead a command to “Reveal in Finder” will be provided.

You can use the File → Export → Files command to export all or part of a project. The resulting items will have the names that they do in the Binder.

If you drop an image into a document, though, it does not exist as a separate entity. That is, you can export the document that it’s in, but not the image by itself.

Unless I’m mistaken, you can compile to Markdown which will give you a folder containing a *.md file and the images referenced therein. The problem is that these image files do not appear to be in any particular order and retain their original names. And because they are not in any particular order. you can’t just rename them. Unless I’m missing something and the order is hidden somewhere.