Export/Import Compile Settings

I am using Scrivener 3 on my Mac Mini as well as on my MacBook Air. Is there a way to export the compile settings on my Mac Mini and import them on my MacBook Air?

Are you not seeing the compile settings being saved into your project?

See section 23.6 of the Scrivener for MacOS manual for more details, but basically, if you hold down the Option key in the Compile window, you will be given the option to Save and Revert. Pressing Save will then save the chosen compile options into the active project without forcing you to run a compile first. You can then sync that project to your other machine and the saved Compile options should be present. If you have multiple sets of options, you can save each of them into the project, then sync it.

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It’s a little more complicated. There are the Compile Options, which save as devinganger described, but they aren’t that useful without the Compile Format.

If you’re creating your own Compile Format, rather than using one of the ones supplied with Scrivener, you can save it either locally on the current system or as part of the project. The ones that are part of the project will synchronize along with it, the local ones won’t. See Section 24.1 in the manual.

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Thanks for responding, devinganger. I wasn’t able to save the compile settings from my project. Probably just my inexperience with Scrivener. I ended up having to recreate my custom compile format, and then I exported it to my iCloud to import it into my other instance.

Thanks for responding, kewms. The compile settings are complicated, but I finally got it the way I wanted it and saved it as a template that I can use for all projects. Then I exported it and imported it into my other instance.

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